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Cartooning for Peace – An Introduction

Cartooning for Peace is a network of editorial cartoonists who fight, through humor, for the respect of cultural diversity and freedoms, under the patronage of Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary General.

Founded in 2006 at the UN headquarters following a “Unlearning intolerance” seminar, the association, located in Paris, is chaired by Plantu, cartoonist at the French newspaper Le Monde.

Cartooning for Peace also operates from Geneva, through the Swiss Foundation. Created by cartoonists Patrick Chappatte and Plantu, and former UN spokesperson Marie Heuzé, the Cartooning for Peace Foundation bestows a bi-annual prize to cartoonists whose work is of high quality and who are in some way in danger or at risk because of the cartoons they create. The Swiss Foundation has also established a solidarity fund, giving financial assistance and support to cartoonists in difficulty or under threat.

Ten years on, Cartooning for Peace network today has a worldwide membership of 147 cartoonists from 55 countries.

Because of its ability to transcend languages and cultures, editorial cartoons are a powerful tool. They can bring about cross-cultural dialogue and fuel the debate about fundamental issues such as freedom of expression, democracy and tolerance. To encourage debate about the humanist values to which the organization is strongly attached, Cartooning for Peace is committed to:

•The promotion of the editorial cartoon as a means of defending human rights and freedom of speech through events, publications and exhibitions.

•The use of the cartoons’ educational value to denounce all forms of intolerance and to raise young and vulnerable people’s awareness about major social issues through humor.

•Providing support and visibility to press cartoonist who are prevented from working freely or under threat.

Cartooning for Peace celebrates its 10th anniversary this year – 10 years of providing support to cartoonists all around the world, 10 years of fighting for freedom of speech, and 10 years of collective endeavor which we are proudly celebrating with this exhibition.

On display in the second floor gallery.

Special thanks to editorial cartoonist Liza Donnelly (New York) for curating this exhibition, with the support of Isis Ascobereta, editorial project manager (Paris).

A lecture and panel discussion to celebrate the exhibit will take place on December 8th, featuring Ann Telnaes, Nicolas Vadot, Patrick Chappatte, Jeff Danziger, Liza Donnelly, and moderated by Mark Gore. Learn more…

Image credit (left to right): (c) FALCO (Cuba), (c) ANN TELNAES (USA), (c) BÉNÉDICTE (SwitzerlandD), (c) GLEZ (Burkina Faso)

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