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The Day The Rats Vetoed Congress

September 9, 2020 @ 6:00 pm

The opinions expressed in this video chat are solely those of the presenter and not necessarily those of the Society of Illustrators.
Join us for a discussion of The Day The Rats Vetoed Congress, with Ralph Nader, Mr. Fish, and publisher Gary Groth, hosted by The Society of Illustrators NYC!
When a Congressional reporter breaks the news that “Rats have invaded the toilet bowls” of the halls of Congress, it sparks a national news frenzy. Activists see the rats upending “business as usual,” and turn the invasion into a symbol against the lobbyists who hold Congress in their sway. A massive citizen uprising follows that threatens to sweep Congress clean of Wall Street’s chokehold of corruption — but the corporate titans have ways of fighting back! The Day the Rats Vetoed Congress is Ralph Nader’s fable of struggle and strategy, tenacity and triumph for our troubled times, and a “how to” guide to effect political change — from a pied piper who’s done it time and time again. Gleefully and generously illustrated by famed political cartoonist Mr. Fish, pulling no punches in bringing his stunning graphic sensibilities to bear on this modern tale of vice and virtue. You may just laugh yourself serious.
Order the book from now through September 9th, and get a free Rats button and bookplate signed by Ralph Nader!
Ralph Nader is a long-time consumer advocate, a four-time presidential candidate, and author of numerous books. His unrelenting advocacy for the public over the years has led to safer cars, medicines, and workplaces; healthier foods; and cleaner air and water. The Atlantic named him one of the 100 most influential figures in American history. Time magazine called him the “U.S.’s toughest customer.” He lives (and does battle) in the nation’s capital from where he has started dozens of citizen groups on multiple subjects. His weekly podcast is The Ralph Nader Radio Hour ( To sign up for his weekly column of news and commentary via email, go to
Mr. Fish is also sometimes known as Dwayne Booth. His uncompromising comics and cartoons have appeared in Harper’s, The Nation, The Village Voice, Truthdig, The Atlantic, and the L.A. TimesThe Miami Herald called him “a courageous truthteller, brilliantly illustrating the world’s insanity.” His most recent book from Fantagraphics is Nobody Left. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Gary Groth is the founder and President of Fantagraphics Books. He is known for his probing, often ball-busting interviews; his provocative, full-throated editorials; and wide-ranging tastes in comics, literature, music, and film. In 2014, Groth won the Stranger Genius Award for Literature. He lives in Seattle, WA, where he continues to publish the work of the world’s greatest cartoonists.
Nobody Left by Mr. Fish
The renowned political satirist asks the burning question: Is there a Left left?
The author, known for his savage political cartoons, interviews some of the leading artists, architects, observers and participants of the late twentieth century’s counterculture and New Left movements in search of answers. Interview subjects included in the book: Mort Sahl, Graham Nash, Joan Baez, Wavy Gravy, Lewis Lapham, Paul Krassner, Tariq Ali, Lily Tomlin, Calvin Trillin, Christopher Hitchens, Robert Scheer, Dennis Kucinich. Others that are also included and written about: Norman Mailer, Howard Zinn, Abbie Hoffman, Jon Stewart, Lenny Bruce, and others. The conversations, which are generously illustrated, will blow your mind.
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September 9, 2020
6:00 pm
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A conversation with Ralph Nader, Mr. Fish, and publisher Gary Groth.
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