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April 11, 2017

The How to Make Mistakes on Purpose Workshop
One day Georges de Mestral went for a walk in the woods. He got some burrs stuck on his pants. He played around with ‘em. He thought, “What could this be?” And now we have Velcro. Here’s what he didn’t do: He didn’t sit down at an empty desk and think, “What this world needs is a better way of sticking stuff together! I’m going to be creative-right now!” 
Trying to be creative is just deadly. It works about as well as trying to be charming. What we actually do in the workshop is top secret. There can be no syllabus. Workshop alumni are requested to respect “omertà”, the Mafia code of Silence. It’s all about surprise, so it must beone. Sometimes i call it “what to do when it’s too late to get burrs stuck on your pants and invent velcro all over again.”
But how can you plan those happy accidents? You create a bit of chaos. You bring in the random. 
If you try very, very hard to create a good thing it will probably be bad. So let’s be bad.
This is not a creativity workshop. It’s not about accepting your mistakes. We all know that’s good, sure. Here we really make them on purpose.  
What is the “take home? What do people get out of this?
Facility, skill and experience can be the enemies of innovation.
Success can be poison. 
In the workshop, things will happen that will make you ask, “Hey- What could this be?”
People invent new things, and have unexpected ideas. That is what htmmop is for.
Who has hosted the workshop?


Google, Starbucks, AIGA New York, Eden-Spiekermann (Berlin), Art Directors Club, IDSA, AIGA National Conference, RISD, Moore College of Art, Brighton University, Parsons School of Design, Camberwell (UK) Tyler School of Art, NYU, ArtCenter (LA), School of Visual Arts, Pratt Institute, 72 and Sunny, SEED, AIGA Minnesota, American Greetings, AIGA Nebraska, AIGA Pittsburgh, Grafill (Norway), Iceland Academy of Art, Beckmans, Konstfack and HDK in Sweden.

Anyone can do it. I guarantee you will surprise yourself, and everybody else. Also, it’s just plain fun.


When you get to be good at something, you develop work habits and styles that can limit you just as they advance you. That said, get out there and make a lulu of a boo boo. 
Bring chaos to your order.
The workshop thrives on word-of-mouth recommendations.  Here are some well-chosen words about it:


“This workshop gives even the smartest art student a  totally new view on visual force and speed. It’s fun, fast and very useful!” – Tom Hedqvist, Principal, Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm


New York City, April 11
Stockholm, April 26
Milan May 14-19
Michigan, June 1


Perhaps you might know of another great venue to host HTMMOP?
A school, a company, -anyone interested in a wildly surprising and fun experience for a group, large or small. 
EVERYONE is welcome. you don’t have to be a designer or anything like that. Here is a handy pdf about the workshop



$45 Non-members | $35 Members 
This workshop is limited to 30 Attendees. 


April 11, 2017
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A Workshop with Laurie Rosenwald
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